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slight run

The Free Public Data
Version of slight

slight run is the free public data version of our product. Our commercial version lets you build data apps on your data warehouse with the goal of delivering data work to your whole team. This version lets you try slight before you buy — and share public data and apps too.

This video contains a quick overview on how to create an app. For a text-based version see our docs page, or our tutorial page for a longer version.

Get started by checking out some apps, datasets, or our documentation.

Build and Share Public Data Apps

Create a query using an open dataset. {{Parameterize}} it and you've got a free publicly hosted Application() — and an API for it.

Try running the sample app below. You can also click the title to visit its primary page, or even start your own app with this as a base with "Use as Template".

Fetching app...

To see some examples, check out the following apps: